Asvin Provides Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things


Starwars fans may remember that death star was destroyed due to a data leak.Mirko Ross, Founder and CEO ASVIN, Podcaster Hackwerk

Executive Summary

We interview Mirko, CEO of Asvin a cybersecurity startup. During the interview, we touch on data leaks in Star Wars, vulnerabilities in IoT, IoT devices, software, supply chains, and even in space (think cube satellites). ASVIN provides many tools to uncover and fix these vulnerabilities. Mirko is also a cybersecurity podcaster at Hackwerk, which you can also hear on our internet radio station

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Botnet operators can take over millions of devices by simply scanning the internet and following up with a brute force attack.Mirko Ross, Founder and CEO ASVIN, Podcaster Hackwerk

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