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Episode 337 · 2 months ago

Instigo Started on its Way to Become an Autonomous Growth Hacking Ad Platform for Digital Marketers


Executive Summary

Instigo is a multi-platform marketing tool, based in Vienna. Dror has been a marketing manager, working across multiple platforms. With this experience, he set out to create a platform that allows advertising frictionless, with consistent data across as many platforms as possible. They already made the first steps and convinced the first investors.

Managing marketing platforms across 6–7 platforms is very challenging. … We wanted to create a growth marketing tool for marketeers like us.Dror Hasman, Co-Founder 

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Welcome to start up bread dot IO, your podcast and Youtube blog covering the German startup scene with News, interviews and live efits. Hello and welcome everybody. This is Joe from startlebrate. Do All your startup podcast from Germany, as well as the words first Internet radio station dedicated to check entrepreneurships, dot up dot radio. Today I'm very happy to introduce you guys to a person who helped with a success of startle break that I owe how he did it. We will get too soon. At first I would like to welcome you, Hey draw how are you doing? Great to be here, great to speak with you again at ly. My pleasure. Um, let's make two things clear. Today. We will talk a lot about inste something, instee something, insto something, but basically we are talking today about multi platform marketing tool called inst the goal. That's what we're talking about today here. That is our first thing. That is your real startup. But before that we may get a little bit into what you guys been doing before, and we should also mention that inst go is headquartered in lovely Vienna. So how is your Viennese accent? Um? The VIENNESE accent is building itself. So basically for the audience. My name is do Husman. I'm thirty four years old, originally from Tel Aviv, actually not from Vienna. Um, currently living in Croatia, but but panting recently. I was living in Vienna for some years, where I started eight years ago doing my bachelor's in international business and marketing in louder business school lbs Vienna, where I stayed for a few years after. Um, I am the CO founder of Instago and instagra audiences, machine learning digital marketing tool for facebook and instagram. Soon more platforms such as Linkedin and Tiktok or join our family. As you mentioned, Joe, our company is based in Vienna till this day. Um, we're a team eight people plus over twenty digital marketing advertisers, experts working with us as design partners anywhere from digital agencies to up work, and five freelancers that we accumulated as early users and design partners throughout the project. Um. And Yeah, I've been working in a digital marketing space since two thousands seventeen, along with my business partners. Back then working for an international startup, also in Vienna. All the we are developers doing growth marketing for their tech conferences as well as the promotions for the developers job platform. Um, really getting acquainted and using all social media platforms, learning a lot about the growth hacking, as we call it in in the industry, and Really Cross Cross Platform Marketing. May I interrupt you a little bit? I think we're getting way ahead of ourselves. First, widely decided to study in Vienna. And what would be like pretty important points you would tell everybody that is lovely about Vienna, and then we get to why you're currently in Grazia. Okay, Um, so I I arrived in Vienna, I think, was it, in the two thousand and thirteen after after working some years abroad in the in the Jewish communities all around Europe. Um, dear friend of mine started working, started studying in...

...lbs and I kind of like followed suit. Um, I love Vienna. I reckon. I highly recommend Vienna two people. It's a beautiful city, super organized, superstructure, Um, gorgeous people. For me, what I personally love, really love, is Vienna before Christmas, so sometime end of November, mid mid December. That's the very best time to visit there. It's lovely and you can even drive a Fiak. Indeed, indeed. However, you do need to prepare yourself for a very cold winter, but that's all around so lovely. You're originally from Israel. That's why you call it a cold winter. Everybody used from Canada would say, Oh, you don't even need a code. And you know, each winter. I have a respect to all winters worldwide, but I'm a Mediterranean in my soul and the last winters were a bit too much for me. So I kind of like ticked Um the winter experience in Europe and therefore I decided to to to move to Croatia, where the winters are very lovely and but the summers are beautifully hot. Um, and live next to the scene, and we may tell our audiences before you showed me to your left hand side there's a window. People who have seen the video can actually tell there's some sun coming in, and you showed me the last time we talked that you can look out there and see the beach Diatriaan Nixe, very lovely. So yes, so, due to the fact that I'm the get a nomad, our entire team are. We're complete dispersed from Romania to Vienna, where we're still based, and we have a team working on there, have a business partner in Israel and I'm working in from Croatia. The rest of our design partners also working worldwide with us, from east to West. Um, I can choose my my locations basically, which which is a tremendous advantage. So I decided. I was in Split Croatia for a short vacation, fell in love and I decided to move. So these days I just work and live four hundred mills from the sea, by the way. By the way, Croatia was the first European country to issue a dig the Norman Visa. Um. So what you see is throughout the entire country, as well as their one thousand islands, is that you have a lot of software developers, project managers, tech entrepreneurs all around, just taking their portable office, Portable laptops and UH and moving and working close to the city. Sounds very lovely. Sounds very lovely. I also heard that in floyd during covid a lot of Canadian migrated south to Florida because that's it. I think covid triggered a lot of positive changes, along with the negativity, of course, but positive changes in the especially in the text space where it kind of like that's it. Wead enough and we know that Home Office is is an alternative solution to to uh, to the situation, and we kind of like it, forced the industry to to adapt it. I see he said you've been a crowth manager at we are developers in Vienna, but then he decided to co found in the core were developed... Um. What was driver behind it? Because we discussed before. You are a tech entreneur, but you're not a developer. I'm not a developer. I'm I'm an entrepreneur in my soul, Um and I'm and I'm I just had the burning, intense desire, along with my business partners too, basically embarked on our own journey and start their own digital marketing agency in the purpose of developing our own solution for marketeers like us Um, which which is an autonomous digital marketing tool, or is re referred to as autonomous growth hacker Um. This is one of the lessons I can say, quote unquote, that I learned from where developers managing over six or seven digital marketing social media platforms and launching campaigns across those plat forms really engaging in a lot of challenges in terms of different US UI, different different limitations that each platform, if it's Google adwords or facebook as manager Linkedin Cora ads, and so on and so forth. So we wanted basically to to create marketing tool for marketeers, who growth marketeers like us, that will help us manage all our digital marketing activities as well as, uh present, develop better features that will help every day growth hackers uh manage their projects more easily. When you've been talking about what you want to do with this tool, I had a little quote I abuse from a lot of the rings. One tool to rule it all. So we also have it, if you see, in our this this is also one of our sentences and Insti want to to rule them all, um. So yes, it will just it just makes much more sense, Um, if digital marketing is your everyday life and and you're managing uh projects, with with with hi U Kpis and managing budgets all across different platforms, it's it will make much more sense to centralize all your activities into one centralized dashboard. Before we get into the details of that, let us talk a little bit about insteact zone. I told you we were going to talk a little lot about insteat today, but insteat zone used to be. Now it's offline tech podcast platform. That actually was also our first network partner. Um. That not only gave us podcasters, helped us to find podcasters to air on our Internet radio station, but also you've been one of the main outlets in the beginning for our Internet radio. Can you tell us how on earth you got from being a growth packer to being a CO founder of a development agency to being Um to start all platform marketing tool, to start a tech podcast? So, first of all, I have a confession. I am a podcast addict. I love podcasts. I consume noledge most of the knowledge in the in the digital marketing space, as well as a finance, bitcoin and really all the podcasts that are present value these days. Um, I consume them. I have on my my list over thirty podcasts, different the...

...different podcasts that I listened to in my weekly routine. Um. So I just while we were after we left. We're developers. Actually, it was we open in our digital agency and I started working with a lot of the tech influencers and people who are visiting podcasts, that had podcasts already, and so while we applied for funding. I just had some some burning desire to to create kind of like a platform to centralize all those tech influences as a separate project, which I got to know you from. And Uh, and we also had our small joint venture with the startup red streaming. Um. So yes, I got to know a lot of great tech podcast influencers from the start and it's kind of like helped me propelled my networking in the in the space. When somebody listens to this and asked him or herself how do I do a good tech podcast? What would be the recommendations besides from being reachable and reply got them to some emails. Um. Yes, I mean I think that we had a conversation, I think last year, about the fact that it's constantly like it's not just content generation, but it's also Um, a lot it's it's it's a lot of resilience, it's a lot of chasing around and stuff. And after we got funded, I just didn't have the I didn't have the luxury of time because we were laser focused on Instigo and later on instago audiences. So I I just leveraged, which was the best benefit. I just leveraged all the networking that I got from engaging with hundreds of podcasts and like. Like now hoping on different shows and being able to talk about my journey, being able to talk about my my platforms. So this was the greatest benefit of all. M Hm m M, I see. Um. Unfortunately, this is now down and the only thing you are the main thing you're doing now is instago. We already talked about. It will be one platform across all the marketing platforms. Um, we may for our audience, who is mostly investors and sea level executives, tell them what the poor guys actually who have to do the advertisement have to do, because they have to generate everywhere their own marketing, UH advertising account. They have to get all the analytics together, then put them into excel, make sure they all contradict each other, because that's what they usually do, and then makes sense out of it and present this to the senior management. That's basically the current life of people advertising across platforms. For everybody who can't see him, he would smile like all the time. Um, growth marketing is is an ongoing challenge, Um, and uh, it has so many layers and dimensions. Um. So one must first of all know what they're doing, Um, and so they basically this is this is what this was and is one of my Um, one of my main motivations, uh, to to develop and launch our platforms in order to solve those issues that are that that facebook advertisers, digital agencies are five or and upward freelancers as a whole face these days. UH So. So, basically, at the end, there should be one platform, instago. That should be a platform where do...

...all the marketing, have all the analytics and capulate all the ads. Is that the final goal? Okay, Um. So actually, we identified from the beginning of the project and throughout the project, five major challenges facebook advertisers face, and we developed separate solutions to each and every one of them. The first is centralizing all marketing activities under one rooftop, uh as, instago as our main ad management tool, soon linkedin and TIKTOK will join us. The second is unleashing all limitations for integration of AD account and team members. The third Um is an easy to use dashboard, which was a result of involving a lot of facebook as experts from the beginning, Um, and basically developing a super friendly, super easy to use dashboard so digital marketeers can analyze the performances of their campaigns better, evaluate the engagement of their ads origionally and worldwide, easier and explore different matrix breakdowns. The fourth and the most important problem we solved is audience automation, UM, using machine learning algorithm. So what we found from our experience, as well as working with design partners as early users, is that the most technical and hectic process of launching a new campaign is building a good, viable audience. Uh. This is where marketeers, on average, spend approximately between twenty two thirty five minutes so instagral audiences, users can reach a vest range of options for their facebook targeting Um, using natural linguistic understanding and ALU models. For sure. That enable our soft for to truly understand what audiences are, users are after and locate for them the best and most suitable ones, analyzing their success rates for different audiences and campaigns and detecting the factor that are causing for photose campaigns to be successful. Uh. This is due to mainly integrating a lot of reinforcement learning modules. That creates UH modules that can learn the best methods and suggestions Um in addition, we are also using machine learning algorithms such as Alberta that helps us cluster segments and fetch better audiences, uh, for more quality results for our users, based on keywords. Just for general understanding. Um, Roberta is one of Google's primary uh machine learning algorithms. So, all in all, though, these deep learning process using multi level machine learning algorithms, it's called Transformers Algorithms family. That evidently enabled users to find better results, in our case, better audiences, uh and in our case, also scale up their rich and large better campaigns, all and all, cutting down a hectic process of approximately twenty five minutes to an average of the two and a half minutes. And just let me tell you a story how this whole idea, this whole notion, came to came to came to life basically approximately five years ago, three four years ago, when I was working for we are developers back in two thousand eighteen Um, launching campaigns for the developers were developers world conference, for the for the event as well as for the developers job market platform. I was launching daily campaigns to both cell tickets and to uh convert developers to...

...become members of the we're developers, job platform, running monthly ads, uh a monthly ad spend of Fort K, and the results were fluctuating, sometimes the best, sometimes the worst, sometimes averaging of three point five, approxive three point two conversion rate, and I kind of had enough of receiving sometimes kind of like diminishing results on our campaigns. So I decided to do a more extensive keyword research, studying with Google what kind of definition, what uh, kind of software or events or attributes developers are more affiliated with, and what I found is that most developers over, developers worldwide are star wars fans, Um me being one of them, by the way, a great fan of Star Wars. So I started integrating Joe More Star Wars, Jedi comic con segments in our detail targeting audiences for facebook advertising and Voila, within one week are click through rate and conversion rate exploded. We sold more tickets. We we we basically opened more marketing options. So the entire process process was very in lightning for me in the sense that we basically triggered, because facebook is also using their own machine learning algorithms, so we basically triggered Instagra facebook better, better targeting options and therefore us, our campaigns succeeded significantly. So this is something that I kind of UH. It was a very profound experience for me the success and I kind of like stole this experience and mented in our in our in instagral audiences. Um, the fifth and last, I actually had to had to smile when he said that. Apparently the force has been with the force has been with me and I was from I graduated from a pad one to a Jedi master. Um, and the fifth, which brought me into the fifth, uh, problem that we solve basically, and there's another issue that we got from our early users, is that basically the way that we are pricing our tool is based on ad spend. If you have over one until one thousand bucks ad spent on Facebook, you're paying US approximately nineteen buck, which is still the cheapest part in the market. But the more your adspect grows, the more your monthly retainer subscription for Instago and for other competitors will increase accordingly. So if you are a digital agency and you're managing twenty clients and ad spent of one, one hundred thousand, a quarter million, you're not and basically that's your client's money. That's not your money. Obviously you're not very keen in UH, in investing uh ten k. not everyone can can invest two K or eight hundred bucks per month for for a cross platform digital marketing tool. However good it may be, it's it's still it's heavy for some, for some businesses, especially sames so um, for users who wants to harvest the audiences optimization via advanced machine learning algorithms but still continue using facebook ads manager as their primary to. Facebook ads manager is the interface that facebook has uh without basically paying any other providers savy monthly...

...subscription. We are offering instago audiences as a stand Alan product, which this product is basically adjacent to instagol but connected to it. Obviously. Um the benefit of using INSTAGO audiences a stand Alan product enable digital markets to in on one hand, to enjoy the full sort of ad management if they want to export their audiences directly to INSTAGO and use our own ad management software as well as UM, just use instago audience for nineteen bucks a month and export their audiences to Uh facebook ads manager and save them there and launch campaigns. So this way we're basically providing a sophisticated yet a very affordable solution for the mass public. But the way I see it, to be honest, it's it's it's more than just it's more than just facebook audience marketing tool. It's, for me, more instical. Audience is more of the time management tool, because the amounts of of of time that marketeers, especially digital agencies and UPWORK and fiber freelancers, uh spend weekly on creating new audiences, good quality audiences. Again requires Legwork, a lot of Legwork, of going and and and figuring out which software they are using, which platforms they are using, which events they're they're they're attending, and really dive into a good quality research in terms of interest, demographics and behavior. When you build a good, viable audience on Facebook, so when you have the power of community and machine learning working together and suggesting you better marketing and targeting inspects for your audio and says, it's just simply a time management tool, let alone, and easy to use and UH marketing solution. So yes, so these are the five uh kind of solutions that we identified and solved along the way. I seem my question would be now where? So, currently, you want to have all the all the platforms in you're currently in the stage where you already have instagram and facebook and, as you said, Tiktok and Linkedin on next, what are the next steps? The next steps are basically look the skies, the limits. So all the digital marketing, uh the platforms are open for us. We're already we got granted by by twitter, um, involving Google adwards perhaps, but we are more leaned into involving more e commerce uh platforms, because I think that a lot of action is happening in the e commerce space. So we're basically all the all the options are available for us. I see the the the usual two questions that I have when I close such an interview. Um. First, are you guys currently hiring? So we are hiring, um. So these days we are expanding our teams and this is about also of our future plans after TIKTOK and more e commerce platforms, and so we are looking for digital marketing experts like us to join, to join our journey, but they have to be remote animals that understand the world of digital marketing and basically deliver more than they can more than they can talk. M Hm. So I I love working with, with mark with marketing gigs... me. Um. Currently our entire team is dispersed. As I said, I'm working with over twenty FACEBOOK AD experts worldwide. Uh. They've been a great help in designing our platform, in suggesting better solutions for our platform, in helping us also suggests our dashboard according to their uh tweaks and special needs. So we that was actually one of the greatest benefits of working with with design partners from the beginning. Um Our end, of course. The second usual question towards the end is all you guys currently open to talk to the investors? Um. So we are in touch, uh, currently with with investors. Um. As I said, we are seeking to scale up and UH and basically look forward to maximize this process now with with a few angels and few investors, and to explode on the market. Awesome. Um. I do believe in the not too far future we may have a follow up here, and until then I'll wish you best of luck, fingers crossed, thumbs pressed, whatever you like, and hope to have you back and tell more success stories here. Have a good day. Bye, bye. That's all the folks find. More news streams events at interviews at www dot's start of red that aile remember. Sharing is caring.

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